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Does My Artificial Grass Need To Be Watered?

Artificial grass watered


Artificial grass has become the new darling of homeowners. It’s no wonder. Synthetic turf is low-maintenance and looks great all year round. It is durable under high foot traffic and extreme weather conditions. One of the best aspects of it is the fact that it doesn’t require water to grow.



So, does your artificial grass need to be watered? The short answer is no. However, you will need to use water to help it look its best in other ways.

Lack of Water Has Spurred The Growth of Artificial Grass Installs

The lack of a water need is what has prompted many cities, particularly those in drought areas in California and other western states, to offer incentives for installing synthetic turf. Some municipalities even require it over natural grass for new developments to promote conservation.

That’s why many homeowners are switching to synthetic turf. It is made with a combination of nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. It looks like natural grass and even feels like natural grass. It comes in a variety of shades also and obviously never needs to be watered to look great!

Some homeowners combine long and short blades and mix up shades to give their yard a more natural look. No matter what you do to design your artificial grass lawn, it will not require water to attach to the dirt. The backing is a mesh backing that allows for water flow from rain or pet urination. Installers will grade your yard and install drainage before laying your turf.

When Artificial Grass Needs Water

There are two occasions where you will need to use water to protect your grass.

1. Pet stains need to be washed down.
You will need to spray down your artificial grass after your pet urinates or leaves fecal matter. With urination, all you need to do is briefly spray down the area. It will drain through the infill and mesh backing into the drainage system.

With fecal matter, you will need to pick up the feces to throw away first. After that, spray down the area with a hose. You may also need to use a special cleanser for artificial grass to help avoid permanent stains. Ask your dealer about possible products when you purchase your artificial turf.

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2. Other spills need to be washed down.
Depending on how you use your yard, there could be other spills that would stain your synthetic grass. Things like dropped ice cream from the kids, wine spilled by a guest at your party, or barbecue sauce your spouse spattered at the last cookout could stain your artificial grass permanently if left to lie.

With these type of spills, simply pick up what remains of the item to throw away, take a soft broom and wash down the area with a cleanser. Then, spray down with a hose.

Normal Plants Still Need Water

The other time you will need to water your yard is to keep plants and trees alive. Planting synthetic grass around gardens and trees works well because water drains through it. So, your plants will do just fine with direct water on your synthetic grass.

An artificial grass installation will save you money on your water bill over the course of years, as well as in other areas like reduced lawn chemicals, yard equipment, and lawn care professionals. It is a great choice for those looking to conservation efforts.