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Puppy Proofing Your Home With Artificial Grass for Dogs


From those big brown eyes to those giant paws, the newest addition to your home can become an added challenge. “Puppy-proofing” can potentially be a long-winded process that takes up much time, effort, and money. In fact, some may even compare it to the excruciating process of baby-proofing a house. However, it definitely has its added benefits, including preserving the condition of your house and key parts of your property, including your furniture and your yard. Another significant benefit is to, of course, ensure utmost safety for your puppy. Though the process may entail several tasks, there are a few easy changes that can be done to significantly aid in creating a safe environment for your new puppy. One of these changes is the switch from a natural lawn to an artificial grass for dogs. This relatively simple task can turn your backyard into a comfortable, durable, and safe place for your puppy to play on and enjoy all year long.


Modern synthetic turf lawns are designed to be pet friendly with some manufactures specifically catering to artificial grass for dogs. The synthetic polymers used to engineer pet turf are completely non-toxic and not harmful, eliminating possible concerns for your puppy. All types of pet turf are also designed with strength and durability in mind, both with intricate yarn composition and heavy duty tufting to ensure several years of quality, day after day. Artificial turf blades are designed to be resilient, even with rough play, heavy traffic, and even digging. Since synthetic grass needs no watering and has no dirt, your puppy can play all day in your yard without tracking in mud and paw prints inside your house…imagine your entire property as a paw print-free zone!

Even though synthetic grass for dogs is manufactured to be very durable, it is also soft and comfortable to the touch…even undistinguishable from natural grass. Your puppy will not even know the difference! Even in hot or cold seasons, the turf remains comfortable to the touch. With UV protectant coating, turf surfaces are able to deflect sunlight and heat. For a quick way to reduce surface temperature, simply hose down the turf for a few minutes, and you will instantly see results. The cutting edge drainage system allows pet urine, water, and other liquids to manually drain through the perforated surface with no added effort. This keeps the turf surface nice and dry. Urine does not discolor or deteriorate the turf whatsoever. With the drainage system, your puppy’s paws can stay nice and dry.

Pet turf also has deodorizers that combat funky smells, including the smell of pet feces. These deodorizers are nontoxic but effective. Solid pet waste can easily be picked up and removed manually, just like that of a natural lawn, making clean up simple and easy. Overall, the switch from a natural grass lawn to a synthetic grass lawn can be a significant investment that can help to preserve your property and create a safe environment for your puppy. Even when your puppy grows, your artificial grass lawn will remain durable, reliable and comfortable.

At Artificial Turf Express, we provide everything you need to complete your do-it-yourself project. The only items we don’t stock are base and rock materials. Check your local rockery as most companies can deliver these items at a reasonable rate.