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Artificial Grass for Agility Training: A New Way to Get Fit


Artificial Grass for Agility Training

agility turfMany local gyms have installed artificial grass for agility training in their facilities. These include Gold’s Gym, Bay Club, and many others. It has been increasingly popular in recent years because of its potential to improve cardiovascular health. Some of these benefits include:


  • Significant reduction of standard athletic bodily damage from poor shock absorption.
  • Muscle pain and bodily aches will be lessened, as well as shin splints.
  • Increased resistance and the ability to add weight training equipment.

Another benefit of artificial grass for agility training is its durability. Agility turf is far stronger and more resilient to damage. Because of its density and use of a strong monofilament nylon material, agility turf is possibly the most durable turf product on the market.

The most notable drawback of agility turf is that it should only be installed in an indoor area. Like many artificial turf putting green products, agility turf features no drainage options. It will have no problem with sweat, but it would not handle rain. It could be installed in a covered area, as long as it was well covered.

We do not carry agility turf at our warehouse, however agility turf can be purchased through Heavenly Greens.