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Artificial Grass Blade Shapes: Why Does it Matter?


fescueThere are many things to know about artificial grass blade shapes. The shapes will definitely influence your turf’s durability, sheen, and softness. People generally want their turf to be durable, although some products are more appropriate for high traffic areas. For example, many peoples are turned off by turf that looks too shiny. The sheen of a turf product is generally influenced by its blade width. Some people are looking for turf specifically for landscaping purposes, such as our Natural Fescue product. But in order to understand blade types, we should look at certain products, such as our W Fescue Pro.



W-Shaped Blades


Due to its ability to diffuse sunlight, turf with w-shaped blades don’t retain the same amount of solar heat as other types of turf. This allows your turf installation to be less likely to overheat in the summer. Through rigorous testing, we have seen that w-shaped blades are designed to keep turf 15 degrees cooler than other turf products. If you combine this kind of turf product with an infill type like our walnut shell or acrylic coated infill, your turf can stay cooler than traditional turf and crumb rubber installations.


C-Shaped Blades


Our C-shaped blade products are some of the most common that we have. This is because they’re some of the most durable. One thing to note about durable products is they don’t always feel as soft to the touch. Blades that are too stiff and rigid are not ideal for high-traffic areas, but C-shaped blades are durable. The C-shaped blades also prevent the turf from matting under heavy use.

One of the drawbacks of C-shaped blades is that they have more of a sheen than other turf products. This makes them a little less ideal for front yards and more ideal for backyards.




U-Shaped Blade

u-shaped-blade-turfThe U-shaped blade is designed to be the most durable, while still retaining its softness. It has a solid ability to retain its shape under heavy traffic, and has a low amount of sheen. The U-shape is featured in many of our most popular products. Since most people are looking for products that are versatile, we recommend these blades for most applications.



At Artificial Turf Express, we have a lot of experience with providing people with different turf products. It’s important to note that we do not install turf. If you’re looking for an artificial grass installer, make sure to check your local search results. We hope that this helps you better understand artificial grass blade shapes!