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10 Benefits You Can Start Enjoying Today With Artificial Grass

synthetic grass


Homeowners considering buying artificial grass may wonder if the initial investment will pay off. There is a cost to buying synthetic grass and the installation and that cost may cause some to take a step back and think about it.



However, there are 10 immediate benefits to buying artificial grass. The benefits can be substantial and far outweigh the cost and trouble of an installation.

1. Synthetic grass saves money.

Homeowners will save money over the years, and even past a decade, of having artificial grass. The money saved will be more than what is spent in installation if you consider the reduce cost of lawn care, lawn equipment, chemicals and everything else that goes into maintaining a yard.

2. Artificial grass reduces water usage.

Those living in California and other parts of the West understand very well how a drought can affect a lawn. Many local cities and counties have strict water bans and regulations that makes it hard to maintain a proper lawn with natural grass. Artificial grass is the perfect answer because it doesn’t require any water.

3. Synthetic grass looks great all year long.

Artificial lawns look green and lush in both summer and winter. They look great in both drought and rainy seasons. It has a consistent look no matter how extreme the weather may be.

4. Artificial grass is low maintenance.

Synthetic lawns are incredibly low maintenance. It doesn’t require cutting, wedding or chemical applications. That leaves more time for you to do other things you enjoy. Don’t have turf but want to reduce your time working in your lawn? Click here to find out.

5. Turf Reduces chemicals.

With synthetic grass, you will not need chemicals to kill weeds, grow grass, or pesticides. Artificial grass prevents weeds from sprouting and also reduces the bugs that live in your yard.

6. No more puddles.

Synthetic grass eliminates puddles and standing water in your yard. Professional installers level out your yard when they prepare for the install. The drainage system, infill and artificial grass work together to prevent puddling.

7. Cleaner clothes.

You will no longer have grass stains to remove from clothes because synthetic grass doesn’t leave green marks as kids run, tumble and play.

8. Improved safety for children and pets.

Artificial grass creates a cushion for children in play areas, so there is less injury when they fall. The installation involves removing all rocks and sharp objects from the ground that could hurt children during play. Learn more about how artificial turf makes playground safer for children here.

9. Eliminates bare spots and other problem areas in the yard.

Some yards have challenges that frustrate homeowners. Those include bare spots or areas where things simply will not grow. These can be unsightly. Synthetic turf covers those areas perfectly and always looks good.

10. Less allergy medicine.

Since artificial turf doesn’t pollenate, your family and pets will experience fewer allergies. That means you could be using less allergy medicine, especially during pollination season.

There are numerous other reasons to consider installing artificial grass, but these are some immediate benefits you will experience within the first year after the install. The low-maintenance and ease of owning synthetic turf will allow you more time and money to enjoy your yard more as the years go by.