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Affordability Shows Itself In A Number Of Different Ways With Artificial Grass


We know that there are many ‘would-be’ artificial grass owners who have long considered undertaking an installation at their home, only to talk themselves out of it for fear of the cost being prohibitive. Sadly, many of them have reached this conclusion without truly looking into the costs as well as the benefits. At Artificial Turf Express, we cater to contractors and the do-it-yourself crowd.

We have always strived to offer the most competitive rates in our industry, and believe you’ll be surprised at just how affordable artificial grass can be. There are several other levels of affordability when it comes to our products, however, and many of them come to fruition after your installation is complete.

Go Artificial and Save

The upkeep involved in keeping a natural grass lawn looking its best requires an ongoing investment in terms of time and, most importantly, money. Consider for a moment the water alone it takes to keep grass green and healthy, especially during the hot summer months. Water bills tend to spike during summer and our lawns are a big reason why.

The great news is that artificial grass requires no water!

Our clients get a pass on higher water bills, and actually see their water bills drop when they switch to artificial grass. The ability to save each month on your water bills is a benefit that will add up over time.

Consider also the expenses associated with lawn maintenance. If you take care of your lawn by yourself, your investment in lawn care equipment, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. is an ongoing one. Should you choose to pay someone to care for your lawn, the cost of doing so is an ongoing investment as well.

Once again, the good news is that, just as it requires no watering, artificial grass requires very little in the way of maintenance as well!

Just think about it… no watering, mowing or fertilizing necessary. Now think what that means in terms of savings for you, and you can see why artificial grass is the cost effective way of keeping your outdoor space looking its best.