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Add a Hassle-Free Green Space to Your Courtyard with the Best Artificial Turf in San Jose


Whether your home or building has a courtyard or you’re planning to add one to your home or business establishment, adding a green space is always a worthwhile investment. However, doing this with real grass may not be worth it, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort in caring for the lawn. Instead of growing grass, install the best artificial turf in San Jose to get these fantastic advantages.

Benefits of Greening Up Courtyards Using Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to its natural counterpart. It doesn’t need sunlight, which is not always distributed evenly in courtyards, to stay lush and green. Other advantages of using artificial grass for enclosed spaces include:

  • Durable Surface

Artificial grass can accommodate heavy outdoor furniture, constant use, pet antics and high foot traffic without showing signs of wear and tear. It’s a perfect choice for a courtyard that people regularly use.

  • Non-Toxic Maintenance

The best artificial turf doesn’t need chemical solutions to keep pests at bay and weeds under control. Feel free to take off costly pesticides, weedicides and herbicides from your home or business upkeep supplies.  

  • Easy Upkeep Requirements

Rinse artificial turf with water occasionally, keep it free of debris, and brush up its grass blades frequently —these are the only things you’ll need to do to keep it in top condition. Once you’ve added synthetic turf to your courtyard, you never have to worry about maintenance again!

  • Realistic Looks and Feel

Thanks to technology, most people can’t tell the difference between synthetic and natural grass. That’s because artificial turf mimics the beauty and soft, springy texture of the real thing. Therefore, your courtyard will still have all the benefits of green spaces such as mental health boost, stress-relieving properties and more despite being synthetic.

  • Proprietary Drainage

Due to its location, a courtyard can accumulate water quickly. Artificial grass has a sturdy, perforated backing, which helps keep puddles from forming on its surface.

How to Add a Synthetic Green Space to Your Courtyard   

Finally, installing artificial turf is more straightforward and less time-consuming compared to growing natural grass. Just follow these easy steps, and you’ll have a beautiful courtyard in no time:

  1. Prepare your materials. Invest in a geotextile weed killer, top-quality infill, base material, landscaping pins and the best artificial turf in San Jose. Then, prepare a Stanley knife, turf cutter, glue, and tape.
  1. Remove the existing surface of your courtyard. Use a turf cutter to remove the top layer. Rely on gardening tools to soften and remove clumps of soil. Then, get rid of the rest by hand.
  1. Level and compact the ground. Rent a roller or vibrating plate for the job. Make sure the installation site is even throughout.
  1. Apply measures against weed growth. Place a weed-killing membrane on the installation site. If your courtyard is home to persistent weeds, consider applying a weed control solution before laying down the membrane.
  1. Place a layer of your base material. It should be a minimum of 40mm. You may use a sand or stone base, depending on the soil conditions of your courtyard.
  1. Establish the grass edging. Make sure it’s higher than your artificial grass to enable excess moisture to run-off the surface.
  1. Roll out the artificial grass. Take care not to disturb the base material and weed killing membrane. Then, let the synthetic turf settle on your courtyard for at least three hours.
  1. Secure the synthetic turf using landscaping pins. Use flat-headed galvanized nails if you used timber frames for edging.

Green Up Your Courtyard with Synthetic Turf Today!   

Want a green space that’s more than just an aesthetic enhancer? Choose synthetic turf that’s designed for the best putting greens experience. It’ll have the same ball roll quality found in country club courses, giving your courtyard-goers a chance to practice their golf skills or have friendly competitions.

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