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Eliminate These 7 Chores When You Invest In Artificial Turf


Artificial turf can accommodate your life in so many ways, but one of the best aspects of installing it is freeing up your time. Its low maintenance will allow you more free time than you have now trying to keep your natural grass looking its best.

You will find there are seven chores that can be eliminated once you install artificial turf.


Mowing Your Lawn

You can put your lawnmower away for good because you won’t need it anymore. Artificial turf remains consistently the same without any major maintenance, so mowing will be a thing of the past. This also means cost savings for you too because you won’t need to buy oil, gas, or pay for mower repairs. Not to mention all the time you will start saving!

No More Weeding

The weed eater will no longer be needed after you install artificial turf. You also won’t need to get down on your hands and needs and manually weed either. Artificial grass comes with a tough mesh backing preventing weeds from growing in your synthetic turf. This also means you will no longer need to buy weed chemicals for your lawn and won’t need to spend time spraying or spreading it, so you will save both time and money.

Watering Your Lawn

Since artificial turf doesn’t require water, you will no longer have to set irrigation timers, set out sprinklers, or spend time watering your lawn with hoses. This will also save you enormously on your water bill, especially during hot weather. Your synthetic grass will stay green regardless of the weather.

No More Edging

Edging is a tedious chore, but artificial grass is installed where edges are already perfect so there is no longer a need for that work. This can free up several hours of your time every week. It also frees up money because, like other lawn chores, edging takes equipment, gas, oil and equipment maintenance.

Applying Chemicals

Your artificial grass doesn’t need fertilizers and helps control insects as well, so you will no longer need pesticides like you once did. This not only saves you time in constantly applying these chemicals but also saves you money in purchasing them. This also helps improve the environment because chemicals, over time, are harmful to dirt, streams and other water sources. It improves your family’s health too!

No More Bagging

Artificial grass doesn’t produce dead grass, so those bags you get regularly at the hardware store are no longer needed. Reducing trash at the curb could also reduce your sanitation costs as well because some services charge additionally for bagged grass clippings.

Reseeding Your Lawn

Artificial grass covers bare and brown spots that typically show up yearly with natural grass. Since these problems are resolved, you will no longer need to buy more grass seed and spend time reseeding your yard every season. This saves you aggravation as well as money.

Installing artificial turf can improve your life in so many ways, but one of the most significant ways is in reducing the number of lawn chores you have to do. That gives you more time to actually enjoy your yard with your family.