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5 Reasons It’s Time To Switch To Synthetic Turf Grass


Spring has sprung, and with summer closing in fast you’ll need that perfect family and friends backyard oasis ready to go for chilling in the sunshine and enjoying a few barbecues.

However, with a great lawn, comes a great amount of time and a solid amount of money. If you want your grass to look perfect, it needs care and attention. You need to cut the lawn, you need to pick the weeds, you need to keep the slugs and the bugs at bay. You need to stop the dogs from burying toys in your slice of paradise, and you need to make sure the neighbor’s cat uses his own litter box instead of appropriating your garden.


That sounds like an awful lot of work, doesn’t it? Enter synthetic turf grass, a real game changer. There’s a number of huge advantages to replacing your muddy lawn with a smooth and pristine green grass yard, here’s just five of them.

1 – Synthetic Turf Grass Is Clean

Gardening is dirty work, and while for some people this is part of the appeal, most of us don’t want to spend our weekends kneeling in mud, pulling weeds and chasing away a myriad of pests who want to turn your lawn into a light lunch. Artificial grass does away with all the mud and monsters and doesn’t even require watering.

2 – Synthetic Turf Grass Is Environmentally Friendly

While you’ll have to pay initially to get your artificial grass fitted (not all the best things in life are free) in the long run, you’ll be doing your bank account a favor. Consider the money saved on buying slug pellets, weed killer, fertilizer, and whatever garden tools or gadgets you decided to buy from Home Depot. There’s also no need to replace your lawn mower after it’s packed in from a winter of no use. There’s the added bonus of freeing up some shed real estate space as well.

The average artificial lawn will last five to ten years, but it’s not unheard for it to last much longer. It also costs on average, less than it would to tile or flagstone your yard and is cheaper than placing natural turf as well. If you multiply out the cost of all your garden supplies, plus the cost of cutting the grass, (and don’t forget that your time is money too) you’ll come to two conclusions – first, that math is probably not your strong suit, and second, long term, artificial grass is the cheaper solution.

3 – Synthetic Turf Grass Is A Timesaver

Again, your time is your most valuable commodity and while some people might say that cutting your own grass is a simple pleasure, arguably it’s a simpler pleasure to sit back in your deck chair with a good book and just relax at the end of a long week. With a mojito or three.

Artificial grass requires no almost no maintenance, except for occasionally giving it a brush over to lift any debris such as leaves or twigs.

The grass is also fitted with drainage backing so any rain water simply drains through into the earth below, making it easy to clean with a hose, too. If any weeds pop up through the drainage, they’re much easier to root out because you don’t have to worry about damaging your lawn with any weed whacking chemicals you might use.

4 – Synthetic Turf Grass Is Environmentally Friendly

The word artificial might carry some negative connotations but it shouldn’t, while natural grass might naturally seem a better bet for the environment, there are a few issues to take into account. Any fertilizer, pesticides, or chemicals used on a natural lawn will run off with rain water, potentially entering the local eco system, and lets not forget, these chemicals are designed to kill.

If you have children or pets as well, it’s dangerous to use chemicals on your lawn.  A pet could eat or lick any chemicals, like slug pellets, that you might be using, and a child could touch the grass and then might put their hand in their mouth or rub their eyes with the chemicals.

You’ll also cut down on your carbon footprint by not wasting electricity or fuel on running a lawn mower and other equipment to keep your grass tidy. It’s also good for saving water, as you don’t need to worry about your lawn getting burnt if you don’t get the hose out. Artificial grass stays green all year around, no matter how hot it gets. Do mother nature a favor.

5 – Synthetic Turf Grass Is Practical

If you’ve got pets, kids, or suffer from allergies, then artificial grass will save you a lot of headaches, figuratively and literally. Artificial grass is ideal for dog runs, as any nasty bits drain through the grass or can be easily scooped up. If kids play frequently in your yard, you don’t have to worry about muddy footprints being tracked all over the kitchen floor and there’ll be no muddy or grass stained clothes to deal with either.

In high traffic yards, with real grass you might end up with a bald spot which could soon turn to mud in the rain. This would be especially common around swings or play areas, beneath benches, garden furniture, or even sun loungers. You don’t need to worry about grass beneath a trampoline dying without light on a fake garden, and when you shuffle your furniture around, you’ll keep the same even green across the whole yard.

If these 5 tips weren’t enough to sway you it may be time to visit the Artificial Turf Express (ATE) Showroom in San Jose, Ca.  Or you could always call 408-413-3179 and speak to one of ATE’s qualified synthetic turf grass installation experts.