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5 Items You Can Stop Purchasing After Installing Synthetic Grass


Synthetic grass has several advantages and one of the biggest pros of installing it is its low maintenance. Artificial turf requires little care, so you will find buying it will give you more money and time to do other things.

There are specifically five things you will stop buying once your new synthetic turf is installed.


Lawn Equipment

Artificial grass doesn’t require mowing, weed wacking, or any other standard maintenance that natural grass requires. So, you will no longer need things like lawnmowers, weed eaters, or lawn edgers. Just forget about any of the typical equipment you use to keep your lawn gorgeous. Which means over 10 years, you can save a lot of money on these items. Plus you will no longer need to buy things like gas, oil, parts or hire a mechanic to fix your equipment.

Irrigation Systems and Sprinklers

Synthetic grass doesn’t need water. So you will not need to install an irrigation system or buy sprinklers to keep it fresh. That will save you money on your water bill too. Some cities and counties, particularly those in high-drought areas, offer financial incentives to those installing synthetic grass because it helps in water conservation.


Synthetic grass doesn’t need fertilizer to look good. It stays green year-round without any serious maintenance at all. Foregoing the fertilizer helps the environment too because chemicals seep into the ground and, eventually, make their way to underground streams.


This may be something you may not consider when installing artificial grass, but synthetic grass helps eliminate pests and insects. The turf has a tough mesh backing while it covers the ground, so insects can’t get to their food sources in the dirt. They also can’t eat the blades and can’t reproduce without dirt access, so your yard is no longer attractive to them. Like other chemicals, a reduction in pesticides will also mean a healthier environment for your family and make the environment better.

New Seed

Most homeowners need to reseed their lawns every year because, inevitability, there will be bare spots that need to be addressed.  Once you install synthetic grass there will no longer be any bare spots.  Which means you won’t need to buy grass seed every year. This also saves you time because you will not need to tend to the new grass as it grows from seed.

The primary cost of buying synthetic turf is in the beginning with installation. But it cost very little to maintain when compared to natural grass. When you do the numbers over a 10-year period, you’ll find there is significant value in decided on artificial grass. However, the real value could be in the time saved by not always working in the yard. Your time can now be spent doing things you enjoy, like spending it with family.